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Campingplass Cheile Râsnoavei

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Campingplass Cheile Râsnoavei er en campingplass i Râşnov, som ligger i skogen og ved en elv/bekk. Denne campingplassen har steder med skygge, uten skygge og plasser med noe skygge. Camping Cheile Râsnoavei ligger i nærheten av en sandstrand. Campingplassen har lekeplass.

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På Camping Cheile Râsnoavei gjelder følgende regler for dyr:
- Hund(er) tillatt i lavsesong (båndtvang)
- Hund(er) tillatt i høysesong (båndtvang)

For sportslige feriegjester arrangerer campingplassen fotturer med guide og ulike sykkelturer.

På campingplassen kan man også kjøpe nybakt brød. Det er mulig å bruke internett, for på 80% av campingplassen kan man få tilgang til internett med egen laptop.

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Detail information about this campsite

H.W. Hilbrandie Denne inspektøren besøker hvert år Campingplass Cheile Râsnoavei og inspiserer campingplassen for ca. 200 fasiliteter og for andre punkt som forekommer. Inspektøren er en medarbeider fra ACSI og arbeider ikke for campingplassen.

- Inspektør Herr H.W. Hilbrandie

Inspektør Herr H.W. Hilbrandie

H.W. Hilbrandie

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Ring +31(0)504029340
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Gjennomsnittlig vurdering: 8,3

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Forhold mellom pris og kvalitet
Mat og drikke

Mark & Jax, på denne campingplassen i september 2018


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Reiseselskap: Par

It is a really lovely site 5/5 with very helpful and friendly owners 5/5 but the cost cannot be justified. It would be expensive in any country within Europe but it is 2-3 times the price of every other site we have used in Romania (150 lei per night in low season). The last 2km drive to site isn\'t a problem but you will need to go very slowly with a caravan as it is a very rough road and used by logging lorries. The toilet facilities are very clean but only one block and I would not want to be here when it is busy (there were only a handful of campers whilst we were there). As with one other previous review, the facilities are quite a distance if you are in the field as we were. On the up side the views are wonderful and the walking directly from site is fabulous (but remember it is Bear country). If you want to see Bears with a ranger then book in advance. On the down side the area was horribly commercial and after already spending two captivating months in lovely Romania we were disappointed with Brasov, Brann and Rasov and would not come to this area again. If you are here then don\'t miss Prejmer fortified Church which was very impressive and Peles was a nice day out but mainly because of the lovely walk from town.

Sarah Scammell, på denne campingplassen i september 2017


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Reiseselskap: Par

Very welcoming campsite. Nothing too much trouble. Amazing location with stunning outlook. We stayed 2 nights and visited Bran Castle.

Robert Moga, på denne campingplassen i august 2017


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Reiseselskap: Familie med barn, 4 – 12 år

We intended to stay 3-4 days but after one day we left for other camp site. The price is very very... big comparing with other campsites with better conditions, more then double. No kitchen available (or fire place to make a coffee). The kids play ground is limites to 25-45Kg. Toilets and showers are clean but very far from the camping ground. Water to fill up the tank is available only in one place also very far from the camping ground. For a very big camp site is ony one refriverator (very small) with restricted rules.

Stefan, på denne campingplassen i juli 2017


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Reiseselskap: Familie med barn, 4 – 12 år

Campingul este foarte curat, are toate dotările necesare pentru petrecerea unei vacanțe reușite la cort, personalul este primitor și receptiv iar peisajul este minunat.

Clara Stindl, på denne campingplassen i mai 2017


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Reiseselskap: Familie med barn <4 år

A little slice of heaven in the woods. Very quiet and clean. Dog friendly. Paved road has been fixed since we've last been there.

Sally, på denne campingplassen i august 2016


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Reiseselskap: Par

The most helpful friendly staff. The cleanest facilities. Beautiful mountain views. Will definitely be back!

Vlad, på denne campingplassen i juni 2016


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Reiseselskap: Familie med barn, 4 – 12 år

A 10+ camping site. If you were somehow searching for a "model" campsite, you found it! Or, at least, we did. Everything is amazingly clean and it is amazingly quiet! It`s ruled directly by the owners and they really insist that all the rules are there to be respected. Very good location to travel around in so many places. There are just few shaded places, but you are surrounded by mountains, so the temperatures will not raise a lot.
Not to much to write here, all is at 10+, the camping, the owners, the surroundings.

Tanase Tudor, på denne campingplassen i mai 2016


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Reiseselskap: Eldre

Excelent view, ideal place for relaxing.
High level of services, very clean.
Quiet place, in the middle of the nature. Mountains, forest, silance, magnific and spectacular sun-set.

John, på denne campingplassen i august 2015


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Reiseselskap: Familie med barn, 4 – 12 år

Its an excellent camping for vacation and relaxation. The access road is a little bit bumpy but its only 2 km and its worth it because it is very enjoyable there.

Eva, på denne campingplassen i august 2015


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Reiseselskap: Familie med barn, ulike aldre

We were here for two nights and were very satisfied with this new site. The owners are really helpful and diligent, their first rule is to have everything clean. And you can see it there. To reach it, the last cca 2 kms there is a gravel road, but we had no problem to drive there our new camper. I am interested in how this campsite will look like later, as the owners have many good plans to make for the customers.

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€ 17,20
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01-05-2019 til 30-09-2019
3 ha
Antall parkeringsplasser
105 (40 - 100m2)

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  • Hund(er) høysesong (båndtvang)
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Address & Route

Vil du booke Campingplass Cheile Râsnoavei eller få mer informasjon? Det går bra med opplysningene nedenfor.

  • Campingplass Cheile Râsnoavei
    505400 / Râsnov

  • Last ned GPS-koordinater
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  • Coordinates: 45°32'49"N 25°30'29"E
  • +40740159541

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Campingplass Cheile Râsnoavei

Campingplass Cheile Râsnoavei Campingplass Cheile Râsnoavei
Campingplass Cheile Râsnoavei Campingplass Cheile Râsnoavei