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Campingplass Route Roemenië

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Veil.pris € 17,00

Campingplass Route Roemenië er en campingplass i Miniș. Denne campingplassen har steder uten skygge og plasser med noe skygge. Det er mulig å leie campingvogner. Campingplassen har lekeplass.

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På Camping Route Roemenië gjelder følgende regler for dyr:
- Hund(er) tillatt i lavsesong (båndtvang)
- Hund(er) tillatt i høysesong (båndtvang)

For sportslige feriegjester arrangerer campingplassen utflukter. Campingplassen har barnebasseng.

Det er ikke alltid nødvendig å lage mat selv, for på campingplassen er det restaurant (begrenset meny). På campingplassen kan man også kjøpe nybakt brød. Det er mulig å bruke internett, for campingplassen har én eller flere computere med internettilkobling og det er WiFi-tilkobling.

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Detail information about this campsite

H.W. Hilbrandie

Denne inspektøren besøker hvert år Campingplass Route Roemenië og inspiserer campingplassen for ca. 200 fasiliteter og for andre punkt som forekommer. Inspektøren er en medarbeider fra ACSI og arbeider ikke for campingplassen.

- Inspektør Herr H.W. Hilbrandie
H.W. Hilbrandie

Inspektør Herr H.W. Hilbrandie

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Ring +31(0)504029340
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Gjennomsnittlig vurdering: 8,3

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Forhold mellom pris og kvalitet
Mat og drikke

Mark & Jax, på denne campingplassen i august 2018


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Reiseselskap: Par

Really nice owner running the site, very relaxed and we are told that much of the income from the site is used for the welfare of poor local families which is fantastic. Not much shade and quite small pitches but enough.We used this as a stopover but would return.

Mick & Julie, på denne campingplassen i mai 2018


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Reiseselskap: Par

Great stopover we never stay more than 1 night but we did here. Very helpful hosts, nice area with very friendly people.
Facilities good and clean. Come in May and pick your own cherries. Dogs welcome plenty of local walks.

Grace, Aaron, Dylan, på denne campingplassen i juli 2017


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Reiseselskap: Gruppe av venner

We stayed at this campsite for 2 nights while doing the Mongol Rally. Paul the owner was extremely helpful and went out of his way to help us sort out some mechanical problems with the car. His English was great and he interacted with other guests in other languages too. The facility's were really good with access to electricity in the central seating area. WiFi was also good. Very friendly and safe. We would highly recommend this campsite.

Cornel, på denne campingplassen i juli 2017


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Reiseselskap: Par

Beautiful and clean place with beautiful people
Very good and low prices compared to other countries where services are the same
we stayed 2 nights in a multicultural place, with Germans, Indonesians, dutch

Betty, på denne campingplassen i juli 2017


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Reiseselskap: Par

Nice and safe camping near Arad. It is in a small village called Minis. Toilets and showers were clean. There was also the option to wash clothes in wash machine and place for washing the dishes. The campground is narrow so there was no problem to sleep in a tent. You can also buy Romanian beer from the owner who is really nice and speeks English.

Jan & Chris, på denne campingplassen i juni 2017


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Reiseselskap: Eldre

A little gem of a campsite, the host was most helpful and welcoming, he didn't even complain when my husband broke his tap!!
So good we stopped on the way back.
Thanks for the hospitality.

Henri van Zanten, på denne campingplassen i juni 2017


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Reiseselskap: Alenereisende

Very good camping nice people mr H.J from the Netherlands! You are terrible stay in holland and don't come back!

h.p. strik, på denne campingplassen i mai 2017


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Reiseselskap: Par

The restaurant is very expensive and also drinks are not Romanian. The worst however is the conduct of the daughters owner. She (3 years old) is always trying to enter someones caravan or camper and when she is barred she is furious. F.e. she entered our caravan without permission and my wife removed her. Thereupon the girl took the full teacup from our breakfest table and turned it over a book. The day after she threw stones to a UK couple when they told her to go and the most ackward thing happened when she took a lit oilamp from our caravanhook and threw it burning onto the grass.

Edward Major, på denne campingplassen i mai 2017


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Reiseselskap: Alenereisende

A small, pleasant stopover site with friendly English speaking ownership. I was happy to take up the offer of an evening meal which although tasty was a basic Romanian style dish with a dessert and choice of wine or beer with the meal. However, I and other campers found the price higher than might have been expected for a simple Romania countryside venue.

David Hickey, på denne campingplassen i juni 2016


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Reiseselskap: Familie med barn, 4 – 12 år

This is a great little camping place when you are travelling through Romania. The owner speaks great english and also some german, I believe. I dont speak german so I wouldnt know. Everything here is what you need. The amenities are excellent with a BBQ available for use. The Romanian dinner that is offered was fun and delicious. Its great to try the local cuisines. We will definitely be back again. Thank you for the hospitality.

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€ 17,00
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€ 19,50
01-04-2019 til 15-10-2019
0,5 ha
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36 (40 - 90m2)
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Address & Route

Vil du booke campingplassen Campingplass Route Roemenië eller få mer informasjon? Det går bra med opplysningene nedenfor.

  • Campingplass Route Roemenië
    Minis 298
    317037 / Minis

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    46°8'1"N 21°35'52"E
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Campingplass Route Roemenië

Campingplass Route Roemenië Campingplass Route Roemenië
Campingplass Route Roemenië Campingplass Route Roemenië