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Lisboa Camping ****

Generelle utgifter
Veil.pris € 32,10

Lisboa Camping er en campingplass i Lisboa, Lisboa, som ligger i skogen. Denne terrassecampingplassen og campingplassen med skrånende terreng har steder med avgrensning, med skygge, uten skygge og plasser med noe skygge. Det er mulig å leie hytter. Campingplassen har idrettsplass.

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På Lisboa Camping gjelder følgende regler for dyr:
- Hund(er) tillatt i lavsesong (båndtvang)
- Hund(er) tillatt i høysesong (båndtvang)

For sportslige feriegjester arrangerer campingplassen utflukter. Campingplassen har utendørs svømmebasseng og barnebasseng.

Det er ikke alltid nødvendig å lage mat selv, for på campingplassen er det snackbar, kafeteria og restaurant (begrenset meny). På campingplassen kan man også kjøpe nybakt brød. Det er mulig å bruke internett, for campingplassen har én eller flere computere med internettilkobling og det er WiFi-tilkobling.

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Åpningsperiode for camping + din ferieperiode

juni 2018
man. tir. ons. tor. fre. lør. søn.
juli 2018
man. tir. ons. tor. fre. lør. søn.
august 2018
man. tir. ons. tor. fre. lør. søn.
september 2018
man. tir. ons. tor. fre. lør. søn.
oktober 2018
man. tir. ons. tor. fre. lør. søn.
november 2018
man. tir. ons. tor. fre. lør. søn.
desember 2018
man. tir. ons. tor. fre. lør. søn.

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Detail information about this campsite

B. Fikse

Denne inspektøren besøker hvert år Lisboa Camping og inspiserer campingplassen for ca. 200 fasiliteter og for andre punkt som forekommer. Inspektøren er en medarbeider fra ACSI og arbeider ikke for campingplassen.

- Inspektør Herr B. Fikse
B. Fikse

Inspektør Herr B. Fikse

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Ring +31(0)578641550
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Gjennomsnittlig vurdering: 6,9

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Mat og drikke

David Chevell, på denne campingplassen i september 2017


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Reiseselskap: Par

For a site at this price it should be possible to carry out basic maintenance on toilet and shower doors so they lock and keep drains unblocked . it may be 5 km from Lisbon but a 45 to 50 minute bus ride . Location easy to find , water hot , shop empty , restaurant basic but good .

Christine Hagenmüller, på denne campingplassen i august 2015


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Reiseselskap: Familie med barn, 4 – 12 år

Ein riesiger Platz mit tollen schattigen Stellplätzen. Diese sind sehr weit auseinander. ..man hockt da nicht dicht aufs dicht und sieht dem Nachbarn auf den Teller. Faszination schon so wie in den USA. Sanitäranlagen könnten mal eine Renovierung vertragen. Pool und Tennisplatz sind toll. Der Supermarkt ist allerdings eine Lachnummer und enttäuschend, da es dort kaum brauchbare Sachen gab. Das Restaurant hat auch schon bessere Tage gesehen und man bekommt dort eher Snacks. Also zim Essen gehen sollte man auf jeden mal nach Lissabon fahre. Busverbindung nach Lissabon ist perfekt. Auch die Verbindung nach Sintra starteten direkt dort. Nachteil ist, aber sämtliche Autobahnen links und rechts am Platz vorbei gehen und man dies eben hörten.

charlie, på denne campingplassen i juli 2015


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Reiseselskap: Par

In general there is a very poor state of cleanliness around the pool café , restaurant / bar , toilets , wash up { even cockroaches walking around as you wash dishes ] and braai areas. Everything needs a good hose down, with tables & floor being washed and not just wiped down.

Sharon Griffiths, på denne campingplassen i mars 2015


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Reiseselskap: Par

Unfortunately there are very few campsite options in Lisbon, this seems to be used to the advantage of this site as they know that they have got you \'over a barrel\'. My husband arrived on this site alone whilst he waited for me to join him from the UK, he explained that he would be booking in for at least 2 nights but this would maybe be extended to 4. First of all he was told that there wasn\'t any ACSI rate, then he was told by another man that there was, but that they only gave 10%, but if you stayed for 4 nights an extra 10% would be applied. When I arrived I was shocked at the run down condition of the place, grass overgrown, no toilet seats in one toilet block, generally grotty, but as stated previously, no where else if you want to see Lisbon, so we went to book for the extra 2 days, only to be told by a very rude, arrogant man that the extra 10% discount could not be applied because it wasn\'t booked when the original 2 day booking was made. A complete rip off, no point complaining because they\'re not interested. Overall a scruffy, poorly maintained, badly managed any overly expensive site, which is a shame because it has potential to be one of the better ones.

Lorraine, på denne campingplassen i juli 2014


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Reiseselskap: Eldre

This campsite is very run down. Toilets were clean but old. The pitches for motorhomes were level concrete. The rest of the place was run down and needs a lot of work completed to make it value. Very expensive for the facilities provided.

Jean Burton, på denne campingplassen i juni 2014


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Reiseselskap: Eldre

This is a large campsite with well defined hardstanding for caravans and campers and adjoining individual grass areas with picnic table and benches. Each pitch had a tap, metal sink and rubbish bin. The site is gently sloping but the pitches are flat. The large toilet blocks were clean the showers were excellent.
It is a 45min bus ride from a bus stop about 200m from the entrance.
We had seen concerns about security but there was a man on the gate permanently and security seemed tight.
The reception staff were extremely helpful.

William LEE, på denne campingplassen i juni 2013


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Reiseselskap: Eldre

Sloping and shaded motor home pitches complete with picnic table and bench, water, electricity and waste bin. Bus stop nearby with very good service into Lisbon - can take up to 50 minutes as the route is busy with lots of stops. Restaurant and shop are well stocked and good value. This site allows a very late check out which suited us very well as it meant we could arrange another trip into Lisbon and return in the afternoon. The campsite is huge and has a variety of sporting facilities. The staff are friendly but very slow with check-ins!!

Keith Warburton, på denne campingplassen i juni 2011


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Reiseselskap: Eldre

I have visited this site on 3 previous occasions and it was ok then, but this time I found that standards had slipped and I don't believe I will stay there again.

Worthington, på denne campingplassen i juni 2011


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Reiseselskap: Par

I was very unhappy with the camp, we were robbed by people staying in the park that lived in the area next to the camp.The security know they were from the bad area and were just staying in the park to steel. They smashed my car and took 2 gps, hand bag with money and personal things that can't be replaced. iPhone, camera, a total value of 2000€ and the manger didn't evan turn up to help us, or do anything. We are from France so needed the camps help. They didn't evan call for my car window to be fixed. The security must have been in on it because it was at 5 pm with people around. So it was an inside job 100% . I'm not a person to write reviews, but just from having this bad expense, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemies.

Martin, på denne campingplassen i juni 2011


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Reiseselskap: Yngre par

We stayed in the site for 2 days and didn't feel save.and the people next to us had there car smashed in and they stole everything gps money wallets everything. And the manager didn't help them or fix there car, so we left .after talking to them ,it seem the site security was in on it. Coz it was 5pm with lots of people around.not save with kids.plus the area around the site is 1 of the worst and dangerous in Lisbon

Generelle utgifter

Omtrentlig pris 1
€ 32,10
Omtrentlig pris 2
€ 40,00
01-01-2018 til 31-12-2018
38 ha
Antall parkeringsplasser
570 (80 - 300m2)
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Populære fasiliteter
  • Utendørs svømmebasseng
    • flate:350 m2
    • periode:01-06/15-09
  • Hund(er) høysesong (båndtvang)
    • Maks. antall:2
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    • Type:3G
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    • Maks. antall:2
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  • Bagasjetelt tillatt
  • Bobil tillatt
  • Dobbelaksler tillatt
  • Hund(er) høysesong (båndtvang)
    • Maks. antall:2
  • Hund(er) lavsesong (båndtvang)
    • Maks. antall:2
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  • Toalett-dusj kombinasjon (min. 2,15mx2,15m)
  • Dusjer: varmt vann
  • Dusjer: kaldt vann
  • Sanitæranlegg for uføre i samme bygg som for andre campinggjester
  • Dusjsete / dusjstol (kan slås opp eller flyttes på hjul) høyde ca. 48 cm
  • Kantine/restaurant har toalett for uføre
  • Kran uten trykknapp
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    • antall:70
  • Safer
  • Utendørs svømmebasseng
    • flate:350 m2
    • periode:01-06/15-09
  • Barnebasseng (fra 1-3 år, < 40 cm.)
    • flate:100 m2
    • periode:01-06/15-09
  • Liggeslette
For barn
  • Barnebasseng (fra 1-3 år, < 40 cm.)
    • flate:100 m2
    • periode:01-06/15-09
  • Noen lekeapparater
  • Opholdsrom
  • Spilleautomater
  • Minigolf
  • Ikke underholdningsprogram
Sport og lek
  • Bordtennisbord
  • Multi-idrettsplass
  • Tennis
  • Minigolf
Rekreasjon (voksne)
  • Opholdsrom
  • (Fransk) biljard
  • Ekskursjonsprogram (min. 2x i uken - høysesong)
    • periode:01-04/31-10
  • Fjernsyn
  • Spilleautomater
Campingplassens plassering
  • Beliggenhet i skog
  • I nærheten av avkjørsel fra motorvei (< 10 km)
    • avstand:0,5 km
  • Offentlig kommunikasjonsmiddel til campingen
    • avstand:0,3 km
  • %s km til butikk
    • avstand:2 km
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    • AcsiCampsite\Entity\Facility\Property:property:2001:50
  • Også egnet til bobiler > 8 m og > 4 tonn
    • lengde:12
Fasiliteter ved campingplassen
  • Vanntilkopling på/ved plassen (maks. 15 m.)
  • Avløp for spillvann på/ved plassen (maks. 15 m.)
  • Vannpost tilkopling på/ved plassen (maks. 50 m.)
  • Også egnet til campingvogner > 5,5m, eksklusive drag
  • Elektrisk tilkopling t.o.m. %s ampere mulig
    • Mak. strøm:10 ampère
  • Eurokontakt (CEE) nødvendig
  • Belyste gangveier og veier
  • Vakthold på området
  • Rolig kun om natten
Address & Route

Vil du booke campingplassen Lisboa Camping eller få mer informasjon? Det går bra med opplysningene nedenfor.

  • Lisboa Camping
    Estr. da Circunvalação
    1400-061 / Monsanto/Lisboa

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    38°43'28"N 9°12'26"W
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