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Forest Camping Limited ***

Generelle utgifter

Forest Camping Limited er en campingplass i Woodbridge, Suffolk, som ligger i skogen. Denne campingplassen har steder med avgrensning, med skygge, uten skygge og plasser med noe skygge.

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På Forest Camping Limited gjelder følgende regler for dyr:
- Hund(er) tillatt i lavsesong (båndtvang)
- Hund(er) tillatt i høysesong (båndtvang)

For sportslige feriegjester arrangerer campingplassen ulike sykkelturer.

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Veil.pris € 23,60

Åpningsperiode for camping + din ferieperiode

september 2017
man. tir. ons. tor. fre. lør. søn.
oktober 2017
man. tir. ons. tor. fre. lør. søn.
november 2017
man. tir. ons. tor. fre. lør. søn.
desember 2017
man. tir. ons. tor. fre. lør. søn.

31 Campingplass åpen

31 Campingplass stengt

31 Valgt dato

Detail information about this campsite

M.C. van Dorp-Kalhorn

Denne inspektøren besøker hvert år Forest Camping Limited og inspiserer campingplassen for ca. 200 fasiliteter og for andre punkt som forekommer. Inspektøren er en medarbeider fra ACSI og arbeider ikke for campingplassen.

- Inspektør Fru M.C. van Dorp-Kalhorn
M.C. van Dorp-Kalhorn

Inspektør Fru M.C. van Dorp-Kalhorn

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Ring +31(0)786731425
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Gjennomsnittlig vurdering: 7,9

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Forhold mellom pris og kvalitet

Kennedy, på denne campingplassen i juli 2015


Google Oversettelse

This evaluation has been obtained by our inspector from a questionnaire at the camp site.

T Stansfield, på denne campingplassen i juni 2010


Google Oversettelse

Reiseselskap: Familie med barn, 4 – 12 år

We've just returned from a one night stay at Tangham Campsite near Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk. What can I say, it was not the best experience we've had.
We arrived at 1 pm, the site was busy and it was a beautiful sunny day. We located our pitch, which was lovely and whilst the children rode their bikes and played in the forest, we unpacked and put up our tent. Some friends came to join us, for a couple of hours and they paid the warden the required fees for parking as requested.

We set up the BBQ, put on some quiet music and started to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Before I could even bite into a burger, the warden arrived to tell us that the couple who were camping next to us had complained, demanded a refund and left the site because of us!

The site was full of children, people and dogs and with that comes the general noise you would expect, so I was confused as to what we had done wrong? The warden told us to turn off our music as it was not permitted, and to make sure we did not move beyond our pitch, which was marked (not so clearly in our case) by some buried bricks. Other than that he was happy with where we had our BBQ, table and he promptly left.

So we started to settle down again. Less than an hour later a female Warden arrived to tell us that in fact our BBQ needed to be moved immediately to a more appropriate place, which we did and she asked when our visitors would be leaving? This was early afternoon and the website states visitors need to leave by 9 pm.

We were all beginning to look confused as we were not being loud, abusive or disruptive in anyway. Our only vice was that this was our second camping trip ever and maybe this was obvious to the more hard core campers?

We did not use the shop but the toilet facilities were very clean and the site itself was gorgeous. After cooking our dinner on the BBQ, we kept it alight to keep warm. Someone nearby had a chiminea going so we thought it would be ok, but then we received our third Warden visit. He told us to put water on the BBQ immediately or he would call the fire brigade and get them to charge us. So we put the lid on it!

The children were moaning because having been on some amazing camping trips with scouts they felt all they could do was go to bed, so we did just that. Music was blaring out from a nearby pub, dogs were barking, people were having fun and all we could do was lay in our tent thinking about the days bizare events.

Finally morning came and we packed up. My friend commented on hearing people around our tent in the night and that she had walked around in the dark making sure our bikes were safe. We did not think anything of it really until my car would not start and someone had left a towel hanging on the wing mirror. My friend then saw that the passenger door of her car (which was next to our tent) had been keyed in several places).

So although this site had beautiful scenery, was family friendly, allowing dogs (which is ideal I think) for us two women on our own, with four children, it proved to be more stress than it was worth.

Generelle utgifter

Omtrentlig pris 1
€ 23,60
Omtrentlig pris 2
€ 31,90
01-04-2017 til 31-10-2017
2,8 ha
Antall parkeringsplasser
90 (60 - 100m2)
Campingplass som passer for handikappede

* Fasiliteter som står i fet skrift er ikke inkludert i overnattingsprisen. Det må altså betales ekstra for disse. (Dette betyr ikke at fasiliteter som står i vanlig skrift er gratis!)

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  • Hund(er) høysesong (båndtvang)
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  • Resepsjon som er lett tilgjengelig for handikappede
  • Språk som snakkes i resepsjonen (i høysesongen)
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  • Hund(er) høysesong (båndtvang)
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  • Hund(er) lavsesong (båndtvang)
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  • Telt tillatt
  • Bagasjetelt tillatt
  • Bobil tillatt
  • Dobbelaksler tillatt
  • Grilling tillatt
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  • Hund(er) høysesong (båndtvang)
    • Maks. antall:2
  • Hund(er) lavsesong (båndtvang)
    • Maks. antall:2
Sanitære fasiliteter
  • Vaskeservanter: varmt vann
  • Vaskeservanter: kaldt vann
  • Oppvarmet sanitæranlegg
  • Sittetoaletter
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  • Tømmested for kjemiske toaletter
  • Dusjer: varmt vann
  • En dusj (min.1,5mx1,5m)+ toalett (min.1,65mx2,2m eller 1,9mx1,9m)
  • Sanitæranlegg for uføre i samme bygg som for andre campinggjester
  • Dusjsete / dusjstol (kan slås opp eller flyttes på hjul) høyde ca. 48 cm
  • Kran uten trykknapp
Mark og planting
  • Plasser med mye skygge
  • Plasser med noe skygge
  • Plasser uten skygge
  • Avgrensede plasser
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  • Sandgrunn
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  • Tørketrommel (-tromler)
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Spise, drikke og næringsmiddel
  • Nybakt brød selges på campingplassen
  • Begrenset utvalg av kolonialvarer
  • Frysing av kjøleelementer
  • Gassflasker kan byttes
For barn
  • Noen lekeapparater
  • Ikke underholdningsprogram
Rekreasjon (voksne)
  • Sykkelruter starter ved campingplassen
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  • Merkede turstier ved campingplassen
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Campingplassens plassering
  • Beliggenhet i skog
  • %s km til butikk
    • avstand:7,5 km
For campere
  • Bobil tillatt
Fasiliteter ved campingplassen
  • Vannpost tilkopling på/ved plassen (maks. 50 m.)
  • Også egnet til campingvogner > 5,5m, eksklusive drag
  • Elektrisk tilkopling t.o.m. %s ampere mulig
    • Mak. strøm:10 ampère
  • Eurokontakt (CEE) nødvendig
  • Rolig dag og natt
  • Reservasjon til lavesesongen anbefales
Address & Route

Vil du booke campingplassen Forest Camping Limited eller få mer informasjon? Det går bra med opplysningene nedenfor.

  • Forest Camping Limited
    Rendlesham Forest
    IP12 3NF / Woodbridge
    Forente Kongerike

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    52°5'3"N 1°26'11"E
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Sep. 83% 84
Okt. 84% 85
Nov. 89% 61
Des. 89% 70

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