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Campingplass Villatoile SA *

Generelle utgifter

Campingplass Villatoile SA er en campingplass i Anseremme, Namur, som ligger ved en elv/bekk. Denne campingplassen har steder med skygge, uten skygge og plasser med noe skygge. Det er mulig å leie leiligheter. Campingplassen har lekeplass og idrettsplass.

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På Villatoile SA gjelder følgende regler for dyr:
- Hund(er) tillatt i lavsesong (båndtvang)
- Hund(er) tillatt i høysesong (båndtvang)

For sportslige feriegjester arrangerer campingplassen ulike sykkelturer. Det er underholdningsprogram. Ved Villatoile SA kan man drive med elvepadling/padling/rafting.

Det er ikke alltid nødvendig å lage mat selv, for på campingplassen er det snackbar, pizzeria og restaurant (begrenset meny). På campingplassen kan man også kjøpe nybakt brød. Det er mulig å bruke internett, for campingplassen har én eller flere computere med internettilkobling og det er WiFi-tilkobling.

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Veil.pris € 24,20

Åpningsperiode for camping + din ferieperiode

august 2017
man. tir. ons. tor. fre. lør. søn.
september 2017
man. tir. ons. tor. fre. lør. søn.
oktober 2017
man. tir. ons. tor. fre. lør. søn.
november 2017
man. tir. ons. tor. fre. lør. søn.
desember 2017
man. tir. ons. tor. fre. lør. søn.

31 Campingplass åpen

31 Campingplass stengt

31 Valgt dato

Detail information about this campsite

A.L. Cousin

Denne inspektøren besøker hvert år Campingplass Villatoile SA og inspiserer campingplassen for ca. 200 fasiliteter og for andre punkt som forekommer. Inspektøren er en medarbeider fra ACSI og arbeider ikke for campingplassen.

- Inspektør Fru A.L. Cousin
A.L. Cousin

Inspektør Fru A.L. Cousin

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Ring +32(0)25699560
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Gjennomsnittlig vurdering: 6,8

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Forhold mellom pris og kvalitet
Mat og drikke

J Cottingham, på denne campingplassen i juli 2017


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Reiseselskap: Par

Site is in lovely position, pictures on Web are true to life.
Site expensive for what it is then everything costs extra- hot water, showers even bin bags.
The facilities are getting tired and tatty.
Toilets and showers are dirty,and I mean dirty, with stains and human waste on toilets throughout the two nights we stayed.
Fortunately, we had the caravan.
The young employees were very good. Helpful and with good language skills, owners not so much so.
The owner allows his dog free rein, unsupervised,so it poos all over the place. This encourages other dog ones to do the same, very messy.
OK for an overnight, if you\'re stuck, but Camping Durnal at Yvoir so much better in every way.

Steve Russell, på denne campingplassen i oktober 2010


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Reiseselskap: Eldre

A large, grassy, site with statics but with good surroundings by a river. Hot water and showers by tokens. No toilet paper or soap.

Claire Woods, på denne campingplassen i august 2010


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Reiseselskap: Familie med barn, ulike aldre

What a lovely site - beautiful setting and the majority of the pitches were very large. We had no problems with any noise and the children that were around were well behaved. The toilets were clean in the morning but could have done with another clean late afternoon, especially the ones near the river which were used by the canoeists. No hot water in any of the sinks was a pain but you soon got used to it and it was cheaper to boil a kettle for washing up. The showers were pricey for 5 minutes of hot water but then the overall price was reasonably cheap. We had a wonderful holiday and would recommend the site but would point out the shortcomings. Seemed to be better than other sites we saw as we traveled around. The staff were always polite and helpful and most of them spoke good English.

D. Unwin, på denne campingplassen i juli 2010


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Reiseselskap: Familie med barn, 4 – 12 år

The camp site is set in beautiful surroundings, however, our pitch was near the pub/office/playground and as a result the noise was unbearable, it would go on until at least 01:00 and on a couple of nights it did not quieten down until 03:30!! The kids were also charging around the site so be aware you might lose some guidelines. When you book make sure your pitch is well away from the facilities. The toilets were bearable - just. There are extra costs, 1.20 euros for each time you want to use the showers or you want to wash up. On top of this you will need to budget 5.50 euros to use the domestic washing maching and another 5.50 euros to use the dryer, also you can only use their bin bags which you have to pay for. On arrival you will be required to pay a 25.00 euro deposit for the barrier card, however you do get this back. The "bakery" is not what it sounds like, the bread is brought in and you have to order the night before, it is cheaper to buy from a supermarket in town.

Janet Wright, på denne campingplassen i juli 2010


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Reiseselskap: Par

We stopped her for 3 days after travelling back to Calais from Germany.
When we arrived we had to pay 25 Euros for a pass for the enterance gate which we were not advised of before hand.
We also had to change our pitch 3 times as the first one there was someone already there and the 2nd one electric hook up would not reach safely so I had to go back to the reception to ask to move again. This was very stressful after a long journey from our other camp in France. Shower tokens cost 1.20 each, we were also charged for recycle bags which we had to use on the site which we were only found out about when we arrived. The ladies\' toilets were clean, my husband said the men\'s were not very clean and the showers were not nice either.
The pitch was a good size and the surroundings were lovely and the town was within easy.
The site was very busy and may not suit someone who is looking for a quiet holiday.
We thought this site was quite expensive compared to the others on route.

Generelle utgifter

Omtrentlig pris 1
€ 24,20
Omtrentlig pris 2
€ 31,20
01-04-2017 til 16-10-2017
6 ha
Antall parkeringsplasser
200 (50 - 90m2)
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  • Hund(er) høysesong (båndtvang)
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  • Hund(er) høysesong (båndtvang)
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  • Hund(er) lavsesong (båndtvang)
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Sanitære fasiliteter
  • Vaskeservanter: kaldt vann
  • Sittetoaletter
  • Tømmested for kjemiske toaletter
  • Toalett-dusj kombinasjon (min. 2,15mx2,15m)
  • Dusjer: varmt vann
  • Dusjer: kaldt vann
  • Sanitæranlegg for uføre i samme bygg som for andre campinggjester
  • Babyrom
Mark og planting
  • Plasser med mye skygge
  • Plasser med noe skygge
  • Plasser uten skygge
  • Gressplen
Vaske, vaske opp, koke
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  • Vaskemaskin(er)
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  • Tekstilvaskekummer: varmt vann
  • Tørketrommel (-tromler)
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  • Begrenset utvalg av kolonialvarer
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  • Gatekjøkken
  • Pizzeria
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  • Bar
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  • Kajakker
  • Lodgetent med sanitær
Vannsport og -rekreasjon
  • Fiskemuligheter
  • Stri elv/kajakk/rafting
  • Tillatt å ta med egen båt
For barn
  • Lekeplass
  • Underholdningsprogram: Barn (min. 2x i uken, høysesong)
    • språk:fransk | nederlandsk
    • periode:16-07/15-08
  • Opholdsrom
  • Diskokvelder
  • Babyrom
Sport og lek
  • Bordtennisbord
  • Multi-idrettsplass
  • Bocciabane
  • Bueskyting
  • Klatrevegg
  • Geocaching (et GPS-spill)
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  • Sykkelruter starter ved campingplassen
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  • Merkede turstier ved campingplassen
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  • Opholdsrom
  • Fjernsyn
Campingplassens plassering
  • Beliggenhet ved elv/bekk (maks. 0,1 km)
  • %s km til butikk
    • avstand:2 km
For campere
  • Bobil tillatt
  • Spesielle fasiliteter for bobiler
  • Også egnet til bobiler > 8 m og > 4 tonn
Fasiliteter ved campingplassen
  • Vanntilkopling på/ved plassen (maks. 15 m.)
  • Også egnet til campingvogner > 5,5m, eksklusive drag
  • Elektrisk tilkopling t.o.m. %s ampere mulig
    • Mak. strøm:6-10 ampère
  • Eurokontakt (CEE) nødvendig
  • Belyste gangveier og veier
  • Rolig kun om natten
Address & Route

Vil du booke campingplassen Campingplass Villatoile SA eller få mer informasjon? Det går bra med opplysningene nedenfor.

  • Campingplass Villatoile SA
    Ferme de Pont-à-Lesse
    5500 / Anseremme/Dinant

  • Last ned GPS-koordinater
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    50°13'40"N 4°54'37"E
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